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Build Days 2 & 3
Build Day 4
Build Day 5, 6, & 7

This is my Canoe project homepage and as such it is not really intended as a work of art or creativity so much as to post the pictures and diary the project.  Use the menu at the left to get to the pictures ect. 

If you click on the images you will get the full size image (1600 x 1200) which is highly detailed and about 600K in size.  If you are on dial up these may take a while to load.  I will try to keep the pages so that they contain not more than 5 or 6 images per page but some times things can't be halped.

If you wish to send me and e-mail please use the following address.  Note you will have to convert to proper e-mail notation.

 " boat at errington dot org "

Sorry for having to do it this way but I only had this address about 3 weeks before it started getting spam.