Planning Phase
Build Day 1
Build Days 2 & 3
Build Day 4
Build Day 5, 6, & 7

Construction began on the morning of May 28, 2004.  Weather was already hot and humid with an expectation of possible showers come afternoon or early evening.  It made me glad that I made an investment in a "Canopy Tent" from BJs a couple of days before.  This 10' x 20' wonder is expected to make this project possible due to the fact I have no building to build a canoe this size in and it would never fit in the house. Although if I tried I may be looking for other quarters.

My neighbor was kind enough to print the plans out full size on his drawing printer at work.  Did I mention he is a professional draftsman? Made the layout of the parts real easy.  Been trying to talk him into doing this type of printing for a fee.  Could pay for his next kayak.

Ok here are several shots of the plans glued down on the wood.  I have just cut the first cut when I decided to take the pictures for the diary.

Son Wesley takes a break. The Canopy Tent, and three sheets of plans ready to cut

A better view of the sheets.  Yes that is the new saber saw. It cuts sweet. The tent came with 4 sides but I only put up the sides that are needed to protect against most of the weather.  The morning was very windy but the sides down made it like we were inside and had no wind to bother us.  That was good as I used a spray adhesive to glue the plans down.  Note: I only sprayed the edges of the plans but make sure you let the glue dry at least the time they say for tacky gluing.  The stuff where is was over applied or still wet when put down was not as easy to clean up.  Take care and time to do this step right with no bubbles or wrinkling of the paper.

Son still waiting to "Get on with it"  Yes that is a Shop smith in the background.

End of day one.  Almost all parts are cut out. Template for the oar to be cut out later by son.  One bulkhead and the stern covers need to be cut out of the fourth sheet.  technically this is a three sheeter but the parts that were split I opted to make as full parts.  Also I plan on making seats I saw in another drawing so need the fourth sheet for that anyhow.  At $16.95 a sheet why not?  Time for dinner and a movie.