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Build Day 1
Build Days 2 & 3
Build Day 4
Build Day 5, 6, & 7

Got up early with great expectations. Made a quick breakfast and out the door to greet the day.  A cool front came in over night but it still feels hot.  Glad I got that shelter.  Spent a hour getting all four saw horses level end to end and setting up my tables.  Got 2x4s across each saw horse with luan sheets on top to make tables. Nice and straight for joining. 

Spent several hours clamping like pieces together and shaping them to each other and the pattern lines. Note when cutting the pieces out make sure you leave the line.  If you take the line you have no way of knowing if you cut too much off when sanding the shape to the pattern.  A sharp scrapper and mineral spirits were used to remove the pattern residue that did not want to come off with a pull.  Did I mention that too much glue is not a good thing here?  Also to let the glue dry tacky before putting down? Thank you to my son and wife for helping with the removal of the pattern residue, this was not an enviable task.

Laid out the pieces into like piles so I could stack them.  Lacking a big flat floor like a garage this was the best I could come up with and it worked.

All ready to glue and put on first tape.  Each panel laid out where I can get it easy but not in the way of other panels.  I had waxed paper under each joint (doing butt joints) and sheets already cut for between layers as needed. Also have the fiber glass tape already cut for each joint. 

Made a thick epoxy with Flumed Silica and used it to butter the joints.  Laid glass tape over the "green" joint epoxy and wet it out with straight epoxy mix.  This stuff takes a long time to cure so once it's down I'm done for the day.

A clean work area is essential and Wesley tries hard to clean it up when asked.  Large scraps are kept under the table for now as you never know when a piece is handy.

Glue up complete and now just waiting to dry.  End of Day 2. 

Day 3

Took the bricks off, wax paper off and found cured epoxy!  Woo Hoo!  Sanded the edges down smooth still a little "green", Uh can we say that 60 grit is great for cutting fiberglass and epoxy but tears up the wood.  While feathering the fiberglass and smoothing the epoxy I did manage to sand the wood surface layer through in a place or two.  I don't feel the areas were critical and can be faired out later.  With Glass cloth inside and out I am not worried about weakness in these areas.   Close  inspection of the joints made me decide that taping the back sides of the joints would be a good idea.  Note to self: taping each joint on both sides makes a strong panel but the joint itself is quite visable and if I were to do it again I think a scarf joint is definately the better  way to go, especially if the hull is to be left unpainted. 

All joints cleaned up in a couple of hours and pieces flipped over.  Taping on the back side was just like the front except I did not have to worry about the joints coming apart if I knocked the boards.  Laminated the cross braces at this time as well.

Note: I let the Epoxy pot for about 5 - 6 minutes this time to try and speed up the cure time

Humm... Only 3:00 got a lot of daylight left but gotta wait on epoxy to cure.  Haven't seen Shrek 2 yet...   End of Day 3