Planning Phase
Build Day 1
Build Days 2 & 3
Build Day 4
Build Day 5, 6, & 7

OK now we get into the work week and I only get a couple hours a day to work on this.  Tonight I planned on finishing the stitching of the sides but they had different ideas.  Trying to wrestle the upper panel single handed was a task in and of itself until i got the first stitch in place and then one temporary on each end.  After that is was not too bad.  Discovered the top panels are about 3/16ths of an inch short on each end compared to the bottom panels.  Oh well I'll just have to reshape the bottom panels a little no biggie.

Ran out of wire.  Will ask my wife get some more while I'm at work.  That second panel goes on tomorrow after all.

Took these in the morning of day 6 for better lighting. It's beginning to look like a canoe

End of Day 5

Got the wire and cut it.  Still can't figure why I ran short by all accounts there should have been enough.  Well another evening come and gone and I have completed the basic stitching and assembly.  My neighbor is coming over tomorrow to help me check for true and make any adjustments BEFORE I start to do fillets.  I also have to trim the bottom ends just a little to match the slightly shorter top ends.  Can't see how that happened either but I'll deal with it and keep on trucking.  Here is the latest for a full blown canoe.

End Day 6

Ran a centerline, Measured off to various points and determined the variances from center were quite tolerable (1/8 - 1/4 inch here and there).  Ran painters tape along all the visible inside joints just at the edge of the stitch line.  Since I used a drilling template each stitch hole was the same distance from the edge of the joint. Then I put tape at the ends of each dowel to prevent the fillets from epoxying the dowels in place. 

In the stems the joints will be hidden so I did not tape there and may even leave the dowels in place for just a little extra strength but that would mean no fiberglass inside the stems.  Ah decisions. Guess I will remove the dowels after all.

End of day 7